Remedy Tour

Tonight, Megan and I along with some good friends are going to see the Crowder Band on their Remedy Tour in Columbia, SC. We are excited. I’ve seen them one time before, and they usually put on a great concert. They are very entertaining. Im excited to hear their new songs live as well. Also on this tour, and one of the major determining factors of me going to this show was the fact that Phil Wickham is opening up for the Crowder Band. I really like Phil’s newest cd, Cannons. YOu really need to check out this album. He just has a great voice, and is a great songwriter. Im sure it ought to be a fun night.

Sunday 11/11

Had a great weekend. My wife and I really worked hard on Saturday putting away things in the new house. We really wanted to get things situated and make it liveable. It is now, and we love it. One of the bedrooms I’m converting into an office/studio/music room/whatever you wanna call it. Its coming together nicely. My parents were getting rid of this cool sleeper sofa, so I put it in the room and it goes well. Anyways, so all the house stuff is coming along.

Had a great service yesterday at Crossroads. Man, Rich really is such a great communicator. The way he explains things, it just makes sense. Just an awesome, simple guy who has a heart for the city of Greenville. Awesome stuff.
Set list:
Salvation is Here
Holy Spirit of God/Open the Eyes
Give us clean hands
Shout unto God
Jesus Paid it All

We talked about the Church of Thyatira in Rev. 2. We cant be in union with God, and married to the world. We spoke about repenting. I could go way more in depth, but I’m running out of time here at work.

In other less serious news, the gamecocks have been sliding the last few weeks. no excuses really, just not playing good ball. clemson is playing some good ball. i think they’ll beat bc this coming week. i have said all year long, even when bc was like #2 that they really arent that great of a team. i love acc basketball. i’m weird. i like usc football, and unc basketball. i just grew up watching unc basketball and i love it. and i think acc basketball is more fun to watch on tv. however, when it comes to football, for some reason sec football is way more fun to watch. i feel like when i watch an sec game, i’m watchin almost like a pro game. like the georgia game on saturday, holy cow, that game was awesome and those guys are just athletes. now…there are athletes in the acc…NO DOUBT. but when i watch an acc game, it almost feels like i’m watching high school football. except for maybe virginia tech, but everything else just feels so much on a lower level. I dont know, maybe thats just me.

oh well.


Some gear for sale.

I recently just moved, and as most of you know when that happens you find things that are no longer of use to you, and more use to someone else. So, I started cleaning out a few things gearwise that I no longer use as much, all of which are still in great shape. I’m a firm believer in taking care of my possessions, especially when it comes to gear and all. So, below I have listed a few things that are for sale. I’d love to see if anyone here is interested before I throw them up on ebay. We moved last week and still have much unpacking to do, but if you’re interested then I will definitely get these out to you asap. Just email me with any questions you may have. Thanks!

1)MPS Pedalpad Pedalboard. You can check this thing out on Musicians Friend or anywhere. It comes with the built in power supply, and of course all the little power plugs/adapters are included. There is velcro already on the base of the pedalboard, so all you’ll need is the velcro that goes on your pedals to attach. Great board, just a little more than I need right now as I mainly play acoustic type stuff. I’d like to get around $210ish, but make me an offer and we’ll go from there. Great shape!

2)POD XT Live. Guys, I bought this and have maybe played it two times. This is an awesome pedal, but for some reason it just doesnt get used by me. So dont miss out on this thing, its in great condition. I’m asking $300 for this pedal. Like I said, I pretty much bought it and never used it.

3)Line 6 Echo Park. Great pedal for dotted eighth note and swells and all kinds of cool things. Once again, pedal is in great working condition and great cosmetic condition. I’m asking $125 for this pedal.

4)TMCase PB-01 Pedalboard. This was a pedalboard built by a christian company in california i believe called TMCases. They are no longer in business b/c I tried to get a link to their website. I cant remember exactly the dimensions of this board, but its maybe 24X24, maybe even a little bigger than that. Its a great board, very sturdy and well built. You can take out from the case the actual board with your pedals on it, or leave it in the case if you want it at an angle. This thing retails for like $180-$200, I’m selling it for $115 obo.

5)Line 6 DL-4. I like this pedal, but I just recently got a Boss DD-20 that’s on my board now. Just make me an offer and we’ll go from there if you’re interested, its in great working condition and cosmetic condition.

Cool, well thats it for now. Just email me with any questions, and if you want to see pics or anything I’ll get some out to you asap.