Christmas EP Update!!

Wow.  A big thanks to everyone for your incredible support so far with this Christmas project.  I hope you’re enjoying it!  Please help us to continue getting the word out – Do a Facebook post, a tweet, an instagram pic….it all helps!!

Also, I wanted to just bring some clarity to a couple questions I’ve had from folks!

1)  We decided to do a digital download of this album only.  And we also decided to just do a digital download here on this website for now.  We may eventually put it on iTunes and all of the big places like that, but for now its only available here on the website.  You can go to the SHOP section of this site to download the Christmas EP as well as all of the other albums I’ve released.


2)  Digital Download Cards.  These are actually physical cards that will be mailed to you or that you can buy from me if you see me at Church or around town.  They are much like a Debit Card in terms of their shape and feel, and are great (and inexpensive) gifts to give out this season.  I only have a limited amount of these cards, so buy them up while you can.  You can buy them in bulk as well to give to all your family, friends, and/or co-workers!!

Thanks so much for all your support!!

New Christmas EP Available for Download!


New Christmas Music.

Im excited to be releasing this Christmas EP.  It was super fun to record – as it was done with some really great friends.

Here’s the scoop.  I really like Christmas music.  But Im a traditional guy when it comes to Christmas music.  Im not a huge fan of “new” Christmas songs.  Thats just me, and I know many people are different.  So when we went to record this project, our vision was for you (the listener) to be able to add this EP to your already awesome Christmas playlist and to enjoy the songs while hanging out with family and friends, or driving down the road!  We recorded an instrumental track too, called Christmas Medley.  One of my favorite things to do is to just listen to Christmas Instrumental music.  Fire lit, Christmas Tree lights on, Coffee/Hot Chocolate…and Christmas Music.  Its the small things.  Merry Christmas!

This EP was recorded at the Bongo Tree Studio.  It was produced by myself and Joe Dunlap.  This album also features some really awesome people – Kile Yurchak, Robbie Householder, Lauren Householder.  It was mastered by Swaff.

You can download the new Christmas EP, along with any of my other albums, by clicking on the SHOP link above or by clicking HERE!  It will only be available for Download here on this website for now.  Also, you can buy Digital Download Cards to give out to all your friends and family this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Take a listen to the tracks! If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing them and some download cards for family and friends!

Set List from 11.10.13 at Rivers Crossing

So thankful to have the last couple weeks off at RC3 to experience some time with my family as welcomed our little baby girl into the world.  See my blog post down below for more info on that!

It was great to be back with the Rc3 family this AM and we experienced the Lord in a powerful way!

Here is the set list –

Awaken Me – Jesus Culture

Open Up Our Eyes – Elevation Worship

Love is War – Hillsong United

Arms Open Wide – Hillsong United

Great I Am – Jared Anderson

Liv Carolina Gilliam

Born: 11/3/13 at 7:13PM

Weight: 9lbs 12oz

Length:  22 1/2 inches







Liv was one of the first names we put on our list after we found out we were pregnant, but we didn’t officially decide until just a couple of months before our due date.  We love the name Liv for several reasons.  It is classy, beautiful and a little bit different without being strange.  It’s smart and sassy and adorable. 

The best part about her name though is its meaning.  We knew we wanted her name to mean something special to us.  Once we found out the meaning of the name Liv, we knew that was it.

Liv means, “my God is a vow” or “promise” in Hebrew and “life” in Scandinavian. 

Over the years we waited and prayed for a baby – some of the most difficult times of our lives.  Despite the pain, the Lord never left our side, always promising good things for us in His time and vowing His love over us.  He has been faithful to fulfill the promise of a baby through this special little girl, and her name will remind us of that every single day.  He brought a beautiful, miraculous life into the world named Liv.



Her middle name also has special meaning, because it is a nod to both of our lives.  One of us being from North Carolina and the other from South Carolina, we felt Carolina would be the perfect fit.  We both have wonderful memories growing up in the Carolinas, places that we will always feel at home whenever we think about or visit them.  Naming her after such special places honors both of our families and our roots.