Set List 6.23.13 at Rivers Crossing

First, I must say how much I love our teams.  Unfortunately, we got a call before run throughs that our bass player was sick and couldnt make it.  So we just rolled with the punches and knew that it didnt catch the Lord off guard.  We had to change a few songs in the set list to fit more of an acoustic vibe and it ended up being an incredible day!

Set List

Furious – Jeremy Riddle

Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture

I Surrender – Hillsong

Cornerstone – Hillsong

Praise Him – The Royal Royal



Updates and Such

I’ve been really slacking on the blogging front recently.  A lot has been going on in this life of mine, and Im sure I’ll share more when the time is right – but for now a few bullet points will have to do.

So here’s whats been going on…enjoy!

*My wife and I are expecting a little girl in October.  Really excited about this.  This journey to parenthood has been one filled with many ups and downs, but we have never lost sight of the fact that our God is able and that He is Sovereign.

*Holy crap Im going to have a daughter

*Through several conversations with my good friend Joe and some amazing encouragement from him(one of the best musicians and producer around this area that I’ve found), Im going to spend a lot of time this summer writing and working on demos.  My journey this year has been very interesting to say the least, and so Im ready and eager to put pen to paper and see what happens out of that.

*Kile Yurchak makes the best coffee in Cincinnati.  And on top of that he’s become a great friend.

*The picture of the guy over to the right that you see on this website (umm…me)…yea, he’s about 20 lbs lighter than he was in that picture.  I dont really know how, well I guess I do sort of, but Im glad to finally be shedding some LB’s.

*I have the best “job” ever.  I dont ever celebrate Friday’s and dread Monday’s.  And Im sorry that a lot of you who read this do.  Not only do I love my “job”, but I love the people I get to do this with.  The Father has his hands all over this House (  As a 5 year old church, we’re seeing an enormous amount of people cross the line of faith and be baptized and join community groups and be discipled..and around 1000 people weekly in attendance.  Thats something that only God can do.

*I love the NBA.  Im in the minority, but I love it.  Go Heat.

*Im leading worship at a beach camp here in a few weeks.  Really enjoy leading students and pouring into the next generation.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a worship leader/band for your next event, just contact me…would love to help in anyway I can.

*Im really enjoying golf more and more.  Im thankful that my grandfather taught me this game at a young age and spent countless hours working with me and helping me develop a love for it.  Its very therapeutic for me.  Plus, I seem to always end up playing with great people from Rivers Crossing which makes it even better.  Fooorrrrreeeeeeeeeeee.

Ok.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Stay tuned!


Set List 6.9.13 at Rivers Crossing.

Such a great day yesterday at Rivers Crossing.  We saw over 30 people give their lives to Christ, and immediately following our AM services we had an incredible time of Baptism.  Very exciting!

Set List

Let it Be Known – Worship Central

Tell the World – Hillsong United

Oceans (Where feet may fail) – Hillsong United

Rooftops – Jesus Culture