Orange Leaders


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We are an “Orange Church”.   What does all of that mean?  Well you can check it out on their website here – Orange Website – 

We believe the warm heart of the family can be represented by the color red, and the bright light of the church can be represented by the color yellow. When these two entities combine their efforts for the sake of the spiritual growth of the next generation, the result is Orange. – From the Orange Website

 So you can imagine my surprise when a youth pastor friend emailed me to say that one of my songs (All Praises Rise) was featured on their new curriculum, Reveal.  It really means a lot to me and is a huge honor to be on this list.  My prayer has always been that God would take these songs that have been birthed out of spending time with Him and in His word, in His presence – and use them for His glory and to further His Kingdom.  

If you’re interested in listening/purchasing to the song, you can do so here on the website or on Itunes!

Thanks Again Orange Leaders!