Bongo Tree Sessions EP Now Available!

Im excited to announce that the new worship EP, Bongo Tree Sessions, is officially released and on Itunes. Remember that all the proceeds from todays Itunes sales will go directly to help fund our adoption. Megan and I are on the waiting list for our child in Uganda and we thought this would be a neat little way to help us out a little to bring our child home.

I would like to ask two things –

1) Head over to Itunes and purchase the EP. I’ve done the math. For just around $12 you can get my EP, along with Justin Beiber’s new album. Its a beautiful thing, really. Here is a link to my EP on Itunes: – Once you have purchased the album, please please leave a review as this really helps!

2) Help spread the word. Im an independent artist. What that means is I dont have an elaborate marketing team who does all the work for me. I rely on my friends and family using all of their platforms (email, social media) to help get the word out. Word of mouth is super powerful and I would love for you to help get the word out about this project!

Thank you so much for all of your support. It really means the world to me! I could not do this without you!

Brandon Gilliam


Im super excited to announce the release of my new EP, The Bongo Tree Sessions.  We began working on this project back in August.  This project contains some of the songs off of my first album (A Love Better Than Life), but with some different variations in them and a different overall feel.  I also included my favorite hymn on this project – It is Well.  This five song project will be available pretty much everyone online (itunes, amazon, etc) on 1/29/13….which is Tuesday.  You can also buy the album right NOW from our store here on the website.  If you go to Rivers Crossing and live here locally, you can also pick them up at Rivers Crossing at just about any time if you want to purchase it that way.

Here is a really cool thing we are doing.  My wife and I are in the process of adopting a child from Uganda.  All of the sales from Itunes on Tuesday, 1/29, will go directly towards helping fund that adoption.   So not only will you be helping us bring our child home, but you’ll also get a really solid worship project!  

I’d be honored if you would help me do all you can to get the word out about this project. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Email…whichever way works best for you. All it takes is a few seconds to help spread the word and I’d greatly appreciate it!

One reason Im really pumped about this project and why it has a special meaning to me, is that the entire project (up until Mixing and Mastering) was done by folks that attend Rivers Crossing Community Church.  God has blessed our House with some incredible talent.  I owe so much thanks to everyone who helped on this project.   In fact, here is who all helped make this a reality –

Joe Dunlap – He and I produced the project and he did all the engineering and played bass and many other instruments.  He runs The Bongo Tree, the studio where we tracked everything.  If you need a project done, this is your guy.  Look no further.
Robbie Householder – Electric Guitar.  This guy is amazing at what he does and is my best friend.
Ryan Doyle – Drums.  And he loves TMNT.  Enough said.
Lauren Householder – Killed it on BGV’s.
Joel Willis – He mixed my first album, and did another great job mixing this one.
Swaff – Mastered the EP
Art – James Bailey.  The man, myth, and legend.
Gang Vocals – Julie Macguire, Drew Scheuler, Emily Wyant, James Bailey, Lauren Householder, Rod Hinton

Rivers Crossing 2013 + CRAVE


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The 2013 year is under way at Rivers Crossing and we are just believing that God is going to do even greater things than in 2012.  Believe me, the growth we are experiencing numerically and spiritually is not a work of our own.  It is only by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, and we as a staff and elders team pray fervently that the Father would not remove His hands from this House.

Our set list:

Exalted One – Elevation
Our God – Tomlin
Rooftops – Jesus Culture
Forever Reign – Hillsong
Revelation Song – Riddle


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As if Sunday AM wasnt enough, we had CRAVE on Sunday Night.  CRAVE is an event that our Student Ministry does quarterly.  Last night we did Crave’s Got Talent and I got to be one of the judges.  It was amazing to see our 200 seat Video Venue filled up and we also had people standing along the sides of the walls and in the back.   Are you kidding me?  Last year our students met in a basement, and now this happens?  Yea, thats God.  We also have a kick butt student pastor and a kick butt student ministry teams that love and disciple our teenagers weekly.

After CRAVE we had a night of worship for the students that myself and the band led.  What a beautiful time of worship with students who are hungry and have a strong desire to be a light in their schools, and want to see revival take place.

Set List for Night of Worship:

Surrounded – Gilliam
Furious – Bethel
Rooftops – Jesus Culture
Give Me Faith – Elevation
Revelation Song – Riddle
You Won’t Relent – Jesus Culture
Like a Lion – Bashta

photo 2-4