Christmas Sale Begins!

The Christmas season is upon us.   I love this time of year.  I love hanging out with friends and family.  I love watching my favorite Christmas films, which include Home Alone 1&2, Ernest Saves Christmas, Jingle All The Way, and of course…Elf.  It’s just a very special time of the year.

You probably know of some family members, co-workers, neighbors that need to hear these songs and the hope and message that they bring.  Or maybe you know someone who would like a cool t-shirt.  From now until Christmas, we are offering some incredible discounts on all the merchandise at the Brandon Gilliam Store.  This will be a great opportunity to pick up a bulk amount of albums to give away during this holiday season (I hear they make great stocking stuffers).  These deals will be while supplies last and we will run this deal all the way to Christmas.

Here are some of the savings we are passing along.


1 = $10.00
10 = $80.00 (Percentage Savings of 20%)
15= $115.00 (Percentage Savings of 23%)
25= $187.50 (Percentage Savings of 25%)
35= $255.50 (Percentage Savings of 27%)
50= $350.00 (Percentage Savings of 30%)

And as always, you can purchase the album digitally on Itunes 

Booking for 2013 Events.

We are starting to book some events for next year (2013) and would love to be considered by you to lead at your next event.  Whether it be a student event, retreat, conference or an adult event, retreat, conference.  Whether it be a one time event or a week long camp in the summer, we would love to join alongside you and be a part of that with you.  While we can play occasionally on a Sunday Morning, most of our Sunday Mornings are dedicated to our home church, Rivers Crossing Community Church.  We love being a part of the local church!  As much as we love serving Rivers Crossing, we also feel called to share our music with the greater church around Cincinnati and the rest of the country. Bottom line, we are passionate about the kingdom and want to share that passion through worshiping with you, your church, or at your special event.

We have plenty of references and would be glad to send you those upon requests!

Please head over to the Contact Page and fill out the Booking Form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Want to hear our music?  Go download “A Love Better Than Life” worship album for FREE