Working on a new EP.

Im really excited to tell you that we’ve started tracking for this new Acoustic EP.  This will be a 5 song EP that will consist of acoustic versions of a few songs from my album last year as well as new song (s).  More than likely this will be a digital release only, meaning I won’t make physical copies of the album.  That may change, but right now that is the plan.  Im also trying to work it out so that I can give this album to you for FREEEEEEE.  Thats how much I believe in it and thats how much I want you to have no excuses for not having it in your music collection.  Another really great thing is that Im tracking this at The Bongo Tree Studio here in Ohio.  This studio is really cool, it is ran by my really good friend Joe Dunlap.  Its basically this old building on his families property and you walk inside and bam, you’re in a recording studio.  He also puts on a pot of coffee every time I come because he knows Im in love with that stuff.  haha.  If you are looking to do any recording, please check Joe’s studio out.  Then, once we are done tracking at Joe’s I’ll be sending it (more than likely to my friends back in Charlotte) to mix and master it.

So please stay tuned here on the blog for any updates…also you can check out a few pics I took from our Pre-Production last week.  I also have a video above that is a little clip from the song Surrounded.  Enjoy and be blessed!


Set List 8.10.12 and 8.12.12 at RC3

This weekend was really fun.  On Friday night I got to play for a Night of Worship.  It was an acoustic set and I had the honor of leading worship with Julie Maguire.  It was a very powerful night to be a part of.  Im posting our set list from that night, as well as from this morning at Rivers Crossing.

Night of Worship

Surrounded – Brandon Gilliam
Rooftops – Jesus Culture
Praise Him – The Royal Royal
Freedom Reigns – Hmmm…
Give Me Faith – Elevation Church
How He Loves – John Mark Mcmillan

Rivers Crossing Sunday AM

Father of Lights – Jesus Culture
Go – Hillsong United
Praise Him – The Royal Royal
Give me Faith – Elevation Church
Bless the Lord (10,000 reasons) – Matt Redman

New Tattoo Pics + Meaning

Well this past week I finished up my latest tattoo, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  I’ve been wanting this “story” on my arm for the last 3 years.  In fact, if you know me well, then you definitely know the truth behind that statement because I’ve been talking about this tattoo idea/concept for a while.  But since we moved to Cincinnati a few years ago, I’ve been waiting to find the right artist.  Well, I definitely found the right person.  The guy behind this great piece of art is Brian Level.  He works at Mother’s Tattoo in Covington, KY, but also has a private studio which is where he did mine.  If you live in the Cincinnati or surrounding area, then definitely go to Brian for your next tattoo.   The amazing thing about this tattoo is that it is a one of a kind.  That’s why the artist had to be a good fit and why it took so long for me to find the right person.  I didn’t just take them a picture and tell them to put it on my arm…all I took was a concept, an idea, and a Bible Story…and Brian absolutely knocked it out of the park.  The entire tattoo took 3 different sessions, each session going for about 3 hours.  There is a ton of detail in this piece and it tells the story perfectly.

Ok- so here is the meaning behind this tattoo.

The story found in 2 Chronicles 20 is very powerful and has a profound impact in my life.  Go check it out.  A very short version of the story is this…King Jehoshaphat and his peeps were about to go to battle against a very large and powerful group of people.  It was certain doom for King Jehoshaphat and his men.  So he rallied everyone together and they began to pray, fast, and WORSHIP through song.  The Spirit of the Lord appeared and told them that the battle belonged to the Lord and that all they needed to do was show up and that the Lord would be with them.  So they did the unthinkable.  They got up the next morning, and instead of sending out the elite soldiers and fighters in their camp, they sent out the choir on the front lines.  Yes, a choir.  They continued to worship, singing “Give thanks to the Lord, His love endures forever” and when they arrived to the battle ground the enemy was already completely wiped out, just as the Lord had promised.  Boom Shaka Laka Dead.  And so they continued to Worship.

Obviously this is a very quick recap of the story, I highly encourage you to check it out.  But what this story means for me is this:  When we worship, God goes to battle for us.  Light and Darkness cannot co-exist.  When we worship, the enemy flees.

There is power in our worship.  Unfortunately many of us never grasp the power of our worship.  We don’t realize that there is a battle taking place in the Spirit realm when we worship.  God is going to battle for us.   Just let that thought sink in for a bit.  Its freeing and life changing.  Its been so true in my life and over the next week or so I’ll share some personal examples of how this truth has impacted my life. So stay tuned!

And so there you have it.  Thanks for reading.  In the tattoo is the choir from Jehoshaphat’s army, then you’ve got the folks that the Lord wiped out in the mountains, and the Lion represents God (obviously) and Him just residing over the situation.

Here are some pics….

After 1st session, the outline.

After final session, still very red and instagram kinda didn’t help.

After the final session.

Final session view from the back.


Set List 8.5.12 at Village Community Church

What an incredible day today. Im sitting outside by the fire pit after a long day, but I don’t know that I would trade it for anything. Im so blessed to be able to do what Im passionate about doing. Even after a super long day today, I cannot wait to get back at it tomorrow morning. I had the privilege of leading worship at Village Community Church, which is a Church that Rivers Crossing planted several months ago. They are pastored by a guy that I consider to be a very good friend, The Reverend Dr. Apostle Jeff Sharp. Ok, so maybe he is not all of those things…but he is an incredible Pastor. Today at Village they had baptisms, and we also had baptisms at Rivers Crossing. I love the celebration that happens when we do baptisms. Its a party, as it should be. I think all in all we baptized over 50 folks. Sooo awesome.

Here was the set list from Village Community Church (Click on songs to go to iTunes)

Glorious – Brandon Gilliam
Taste and See – Brian and Jenn Johnson
The Stand – Hillsong United
I am not the Same – Pat Barrett
Oh the Blood – David Walker