This past week Ive been in Panama City Beach, Fla leading worship at a student camp for a Church in Knoxville, TN.  Its been so much fun.  The Lord really did some great things in the student’s lives and a few students even made decisions to follow Christ.  How great is that?  I didn’t have a band with me this week, it was more of an acoustic flavor which was really fun and a great change of pace.  I think that this same student ministry and their leadership team is wanting me and “my band” to come back sometime this Fall/Winter to do a worship event and even do a House Show to help benefit our adoption process!  Really cool how God works.  I was able to share with some of the adult leaders a little bit about Megan and I adopting from Uganda, and they jumped at the thought of being able to host a House Show to help with the adoption.  So Im hoping we’re able to get that worked into the schedule!

One thing I wanted to mention and maybe even some advice for Worship leaders who lead at camps.  I was doing some thinking about something that one of the adult leaders told me the other day.  They were telling me how impressed they were that I actually spent some time with the kids and tried to invest in them.  They were saying that in the past they’ve had worship leaders who just show up to lead and then you never see them again.  They head off and do their own thing until its time to lead worship again.  I guess I can understand that a little bit if you’re leading at a student camp that has thousands of students, but I feel like if you’re able to invest time in the students that you’re leading then you’ll begin to build this level of trust with them and they will open up to you more and be more receptive to your leading them.  Again, please don’t get me wrong.  You have to find a balance.  It is important to rest your body and your voice during these week long camps, but I’ve seen time and time again the fruit of just simply getting a little more involved with camp than just doing the music and serving the students.  So Im not even sure if that makes sense, but hopefully its helps.

We are starting to book some events for the remainder of this year and already into next year and would love to be considered by you to lead at your next event.  Whether it be a student event, retreat, conference or an adult event, retreat, conference.  Whether it be a one time event or a week long camp in the summer, we would love to join alongside you and be a part of that with you.  While we can play occasionally on a Sunday Morning, most of our Sunday Mornings are dedicated to our home church, Rivers Crossing Community Church.  We love being a part of the local church!  As much as we love serving Rivers Crossing, we also feel called to share our music with the greater church around Cincinnati and the rest of the country. Bottom line, we are passionate about the kingdom and want to share that passion through worshiping with you, your church, or at your special event.

We have plenty of references and would be glad to send you those upon requests!

Please head over to the Contact Page and fill out the Booking Form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Set List 7.15.12 at Rivers Crossing

I was out of town yesterday, and BTW, can I just say that its so refreshing to be able to step away for a Sunday and your team not miss a beat.  I love, love, love that the Lord has given us people and equipped them to lead well.  I love it when Julie leads worship.  She is so passionate and is very aware of how the Spirit is leading during our times of singing.  Thanks so much Julie for leading!

Guest Worship Leader – Julie Maguire

Father of Lights – Jesus Culture
Taste and See – Jesus Culture
Surrounded – Brandon Gilliam
Be Lifted High – Bethel
Glory to God – Fee