Last week Megan and I announced that we are growing our family through the means of International Adoption.  More specifically, Uganda.  We couldn’t be more excited about this.  You can check out the adoption tab up at the top of my website here, and that will give you a little bit of information.  You can also go HERE to check out the adoption blog that Megan and I will be updating often.

Here is how you can help.

1 – PRAY.  Pray for our son.  Pray for his safety, his health, and his sweet little heart.  Pray for those taking care of him until we can.  Pray for his biological parents.  Pray for all our paperwork and legal processes to go quickly and smoothly.  Pray for us as we are waiting.

2 – SUPPORT.  While we are sacrificing and doing all we can, we know we don’t have all the financial resources needed to bring home our son alone.  We do know God has called us to adopt, and we have no doubt he is faithful and will provide the resources to do so.  We are so thankful for those God is going to bring alongside us to obey his call to care for orphans by supporting our adoption.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Please email me and/or Megan if you are interested in making a Tax Deductible Donation to help us.

3 – SHARE.  Tell others about our adoption story, and tell us about others you know that are going through this same journey.  We’d love to connect and support one another.

Set List 4.8.12 + Recap

What an amazing day we had at Rivers Crossing Community Church.  Its hard to believe the transformation that the building took in the last 4 weeks.  If you never participated in any of the construction, demoing, painting, etc…then you do not realize the amount of work that our people did to get this building ready.  Some examples include:  The theater left the building in pretty nasty shape.  There aren’t many electrical outlets in theaters, so you can imagine the amount of work it took to run power to all of the theaters we were using.   All the stages that you see had to be built from steel and then we had to use plywood that was fire treated (all part of fire code stuff).  We completely gutted the concession area and re-built everything you see now.  On Wednesday of last week, the Fire Marshall told Pastor Paul that there was about a ZERO percent chance we’d pass inspection before Easter Sunday.  So he gave us a laundry list of things that needed to be done in one day (Fire Marshall would return to do one last inspection).  We went right at it and got to work and ended up getting full occupancy.   The list could go on and on.  The fact is, we have amazing volunteers at Rivers Crossing.  Like I said in my last post, we had folks coming in at 5AM and we had people staying until midnight and later some nights.  It was inspiring to see.

Easter Sunday comes and we don’t quite know what to expect.  You see, our local schools in the district were on Spring Break.  We usually see a dip in attendance as a result of that.  Umm…yea, that didn’t happen on Sunday.  Although many of our “regulars” were in fact out of town and on Spring Break with their kids – we had over 1100 people in attendance and 50+ people accepted Christ.  Whatttt?????  The atmosphere was electric yesterday.  I walked into the lobby in between the services and could barely walk there were so many people.  Now, granted, it is a good space to be since we are brewing Starbucks Coffee and we installed a fountain drink thingy (only fitting since we moved into a theater).  Our auditorium was slam packed both services, and our video venue and cafe venue had a lot of folks as well.  Pretty amazing.  And I believe its just the beginning.

Set List

Your Cross – Elevation Worship

Like a Lion – Daniel Bashta

In Christ Alone – Townend

Mystery – Charlie Hall

I am not the Same (The Same Power Tag) – Pat Barrett (Hillsong)


Easter at Rivers Crossing

This Sunday is Easter.  This Sunday we begin having services in our new building, the building most of you know as the Showcase or Rave Cinemas on Kings Island Drive.  Its going to be incredible.  We’ve spent a ton of time making sure that no matter if you’re in the main auditorium or the Video Venue, that you will have an incredible Easter experience.  This will be a GREAT day to bring your friends, neighbors, and family.  You’ll also want to come and check out all the work we’ve done around the building.  From painting to completely gutting the concession stands area and building a welcome center and coffee bar area, you won’t recognize the building.  And the crazy thing is, 95% of all the work you see done…was done by volunteers.  Its just been surreal to see all of the volunteers at this building.  We have people arriving at 5AM before they go to work, and we have people staying until midnight.  And they do it so that you can have an irresistible environment to bring your family and friends to every Sunday so they can experience the life changing message of The Gospel.

We have two Easter Services – 9:30AM and 11:15 AM.  Get your tickets HERE.  

Check out this Easter Promo Video (We got the idea for the video from our friends at Newspring Church)

Reserve Your Free Easter Tickets! from Rivers Crossing Community Church

Set List 4.1.12 at Rivers Crossing

Well, we had our final day at the high school yesterday.  It was bittersweet for sure.  But looking ahead Im very excited to be in our new building.  Granted, we have only done some minor renovations and are meeting in the largest auditorium they have there + we have a video venue where we will be live streaming the service + we have a cafe venue thats out in the lobby next to the coffee bar in the event that the other two venues fill up (which seems to be very likely).

Here was our Set List from yesterday:

Go – Hillsong United
Our God – Tomlin
Forever Reign – Hillsong United
How He Loves – John Mark Mcmillan