Pics from this past week/weekend.

Wow. What a week. I’ve never traveled in my whole life more than I have this past week. In one week, I literally stepped foot in 9 different states. Craziness. Im so tired but at the same time Im so excited about this upcoming Sunday at Rivers Crossing. Its our 2 year Anniversary and we are going to celebrate. We’re going to throw a party. Stats show that a majority of church plants never make it to two years, and so this week we are celebrating what the Lord has done and is doing at Rivers Crossing and we are going to beg him to continue releasing His spirit and favor on Rivers Crossing because we are nothing if we do not have God’s hand over us.

This past Sunday Paul (Lead Pastor at Rivers Crossing) and I flew up to Chicago and went to see U2. Just an incredible concert. It was packed out. Probably 70,000 people. I took some pics with the iphone and some videos (Im uploading them, so look for that tomorrow). Then Monday morning we flew out to Oakland, CA and took part in a GHC Church Planting Cluster, then went to the Monday night Football Game in Oakland….then flew back today.

It made me realize how important it is to find the right people for your team. I love the team I get to work with. And hear me out, we work our tails off. But its so great that at the end of the day we can also hang out outside the walls of our office, whether it be with our families or whether it be something like this weekend where Paul and I got to hang out some. Its just a really positive thing, and helps build out team.

Anywho, here are some pics:

What were they thinking?

This was my thought leading up to Sunday, August 23. However, I was thankful for the opportunity to share a little to our people at Rivers Crossing.

I spoke about Worship and Warfare. It was the last week in our series called Supernatural. I spoke from the passage in 2 Chron. 20 about Jehoshaphat. Long story short, when he heard he was being attack by an incredibly strong enemy, with great military might….he called his people to a fast, and he gathered them together and they worshipped. On the day of the battle, Jehoshaphat didnt send out soldiers, he sent out singers. The enemies couldnt stand these people worshipping the Lord and ended up killing themselves. When Jehoshaphat’s people came up on the enemy, they saw that the enemy was completely wiped out.

Worship is Warfare. God goes to battle on our behalf when we worship.

If you’d like to hear the message, you can listen below or you can check it out at this link for Audio and Video: CLICK HERE. Paul, our pastor, is the one who is speaking first and from there on out we kind of did a co-teaching type of thing.