Last night I got an email from Paul, lead pastor at Rivers Crossing Community Church, just sharing some thoughts he had as well as encouraging his team. It really made me pause think about how lucky I am to be here at Rivers Crossing. I know off the top of my head a ton of Worship leaders or even any folks in the ministry for that matter that would love to be under this kind of leadership on an everyday basis. They would give anything for it. People ask me why I think Rivers Crossing is in a season of tremendous blessing and growth, and my answer is because we have a pastor who is passionate about reaching a city for Christ, as well as a pastor who is passionate about the vision that God has given him for Rivers Crossing and will not let anything or anyone get in the way of it.

Rivers Crossing folks, if you read this….take a moment and thank the Lord for your pastor.

Rivers Crossing Set List 5/3

I had the Sunday “off” which was cool. We are blessed to have a couple really talented and anointed worship leaders in our church, so Julie Maguire led this Sunday. She did an incredible job.

Here was the set:

Sing my Love – Sara Mcmillan (Kim Walker version)
Happy Day – Tim Hughes
How Great is our God – Tomlin

Cover Song – When will I be loved – Linda Romstadt
(I had never heard of this song before this week, but the lyrics fit perfect for the message)