Setlists and Snow.

It is no secret, I love Mondays. I dont know why, but I always have. I love my job too, and on Sunday afternoons I look forward to the following Sunday, b/c I love what I get to do. Its so great to be a part of Rivers Crossing. We got to celebrate with Baptism yesterday and it was crazy. It was a party. As it should be.

This morning I woke up…went downstairs for a bowl of Trix and noticed it was snowing outsdie. Amazing. In fact, as I sit here at 3pm, it is still snowing. It isnt cold enough to “stick” or anything…but its still great to look at.

This week is going to prove to be a super busy week. My schedule is completely slammed. But I get to go back to SC for a couple of days to handle some business, and stay with the family…so that should be fun.

Setlist from 11/16 @ RC3
Walk this World – Charlie Hall
Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
How He Loves (w/ Baptisms) – John Mark Mcmillan
Lead me to the Cross – Brooke Fraser

Set List 11/9

Another wonderful day yesterday at Rivers Crossing. The past couple weeks we’ve been having the power cut off on us during the second or third song. We’ll be right in the middle of a song, then all of the sudden we have no sound, no projector, etc…This creates an awkward moment for sure. One of the beauties of meeting in a High School that probably wasnt built to hold all we put into it. I dunno. We think we finally figured out the cause. Thank goodness.

Anyways, here were the songs we played throughout the service from yesterday:
Walk the World – Charlie Hall
Time has Come – United
Tell the World – United
Mighty to Save – United
Give Me Your Eyes – Brandon Heath
God of this City – Tomlin Version


Whoever you are…please stop putting Obama flyers at my doorstep.

It does nothing to persuade me at all. The same goes for any political flyers, not just Obama (He’s just the only one we’ve gotten a ton of recently).

Get a life.

A big thanks to Starbucks for making voting fun tomorrow. Free Coffee!!!!!!

set lists and apologies

For the 10 people that follow my blog, I apologize for sucking at writing posts. Life has been crazy, although I guess that should make for some good blogging, but I guess it hasnt. I do feel as though I have a good bit to write about, its just a matter of processing it.

Here is our Set List from Nov. 2:
You Lifted Me Out – tomlin
Sing, Sing, Sing – tomlin
Marvelous Light – hall
Taste and See – brian and jenn johnson
How He Loves – john mark mcmillan

Last night we had an event called Leadership Community. This event is for our volunteers and its just a time of worship and celebration and vision. What a great night. We have some incredible volunteers here and it was great to here Paul talk about Vision. Im looking forward to doing this event again in December.

I love Mondays.