Only a few more days.

Thats right folks, my eye is healing up nicely (I had an infection on my cornea last week) and so Im counting down the days until I dont have to wear glasses anymore…I can go back to my contacts.

In the meantime, Jos (Tech Director at Rivers Crossing and officemate of yours truly) and I decided to try out some of the pic effects in Photobooth. Didnt turn out so well, but entertaining for us to try nonetheless.

Eye Infection

So I woke up Sunday Morning with a weird pain in my eye. It felt like every time I blinked there was some object in my eye. With or without my contacts it hurt. Everyone has had things in their eyes, right? I know I have.

I ended up going to the eye doctor, thanks to my wife and it turns out I have some sort of eye infection on my cornea and a lot of inflammation. Dont really know how it happened, but it did. So now Im putting drops in my eye every hour and at night I’m putting some cream in my eye and I cant wear contacts again until the doctor tells me.