Back to work

Had a great vacation last week with Megan’s family in Charleston. I love Charleston. It was a fun time of relaxing and getting away from life in Greenville. Thanks to all for the music suggestions. I bought a few things off itunes before we left and enjoyed them all.

Lets see…oh yea…I saw an alligator while playing golf which was cool. Megan’s brother Andrew and I were looking for his ball near the water and I just happened to look up and saw the dang alligator just sitting there with its mouth wide open. It blended in so well, it looked like a dang log. So, needless to say we had to take a picture and see if we could get it to move or something. So we strategically parked the golf cart facing our escape route. At first, since his mouth was open we tried to throw an extra golf ball in its mouth. We missed. His mouth was still open. Then we tried to give him some peanut butter crackers. He wasnt hungry. We finally realized that we were playing golf and needed to proceed, so we did. It was fun though.

This pic was taken when we first saw the alligator, you can see the mouth open. We drove in front of it after this, and thats when we tried to test our accuracy.

wicky wicky

Your feedback is welcomed

My last post I talked about going on vacation next week. A few things are essential for a vacation, especially when you’re at the beach…books, journal, crocodile dundee hat, arturo fuentez, dr. pepper, etc…

But one must have a tasteful music selection, this is crucial. This is where you come in.

You have $30 to spend on music at itunes. What do you get today?

Two Rules:
1) No country music
2) No Jack Johnson
They both give me severe migraines.



I dont really even know that anyone reads this blog anymore. But I’ll post anyways. This week is going to be really busy b/c Megan and I are going on vacation next week. This means that I have to take care of all of my yards that I service this week as well as work my normal 40 hour a week job that I have. All of which are outdoors haha. Oh well.

I’m looking forward to hopefully being refreshed next week on vacation. Ive always tried to pride myself on working hard. I’m not really the smartest person out there, but I’ll out work about anybody you put next to me. However, while this may be a good thing…I believe it can also be a bad thing…b/c it begins to become almost like an addiction…and you just feel like you have to be working all the time. Even when someone tells you to slow down, you cant. And it can quickly drive you into the ground. This is kind of how I feel right now. As weird as it sounds I guess. I’m really going to try and relax next week and just enjoy my down time and not worry about what I have to do when I get home the following week. I want to read, journal, write music, spend quality time with my wife/family, eat ice cream and have fun.

I also need this vacation to really think about some opportunities that have come up in my life, decisions that need to be made…HUGE, I need God to give me clarity and wisdom type of decisions. I’ll post some details as they fall into place.

hope everyone that stumbles on this blog has a great day.
encourage someone today.


Look what I found

This happens to be one of the most deadliest snakes on this side of the United States. One bite from this little creature will send a grown man to his knees within minutes. It is vital to get proper medical attention if one were bitten by this reptile. I came across this venomous snake last night while doing some lawn care for a lady. In fact, I was dangerously close to it when I discovered it. It blended in so perfectly with the leaves, and when I reached down I saw something slither right beside my hands. Its safe to say someone was watching out for me last night. I immediately grabbed my garden tool, appropriately named a hoe?, and chopped at this scary snake. I didnt want to take my chances. I snapped a pic with the trusty iphone. Check it out.

Actually, I was kidding…it was just a little garden type snake. Probably harmless as could be. I still killed it.


Sunday June 1

Had a great morning leading worship at Crossroads Community Church this morning. We had a great set and I thought it went really well.

Set List
Hosanna- Baloche
Taste and See-Brian Johnson
Sing for Joy-No clue
Everlasting God-Brenton Brown
Jesus Paid it All-Hmm…

I also led tonight for a student ministry here in town at New Hope Baptist Church. I havent led for students in a while, so it was fun to be able to hang out. I may be speaking in a few weeks for this particular student ministry. Should be fun.

Set List
Your Grace is Enough
Jesus Paid it All