Had a really great time yesterday at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. I co-led with Wade Joye at the Butler Campus and it went really well. Megan was able to go with me which was really great. It was really cool meeting everyone and one thing about Elevation is that they are really great hosts. They really do a great job of making sure that their guests are taken care of and comfortable.

Set List
Break Free-Hillsong United
Look to You-Hillsong United
Sing, Sing, Sing-Tomlin
How Great is our God-Tomlin
To God Be the Glory-The Longing

Crossroads and Elevation

Really enjoyed leading worship yesterday at Crossroads. We had a great set list that really tied into the message well. It seemed as though the Lord truly moved in the second service, as people began coming forward and breaking free. It was good stuff for sure. I also got to play a couple of my favorite songs which are How He Loves by Jon Mark Mcmillan and Where You go I go by Brian and Jenn Johnson.

Set list:
How He Loves
Happy Day
Where You go I go
Hallelujah(Our God Reigns)

Also, I’m really excited this week b/c I’m playing at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. I’ll be co-leading with Wade Joye at their Butler Campus and I’m really pumped about that.

wicky wicky


Megan and I went to Ikea a couple weeks ago while visiting her Uncle in Ohio. Amazing store. I really dont like shopping, especially for furniture. But I’ll admit that I really got into this store. It was a lot of fun dreaming of what could be in my living room, knowing deep down inside that it would never make it that far. We did buy a few things, however, for the house.

Have you ever been to Ikea?

I hear they are opening one in Charlotte soon.



Sorry I havent blogged in forever. Life has been busy and has left me little time to blog. I guess to be honest its been nice though. A good change of pace. I’ve been attempting to start my own lawn care business, since no churches seem to want to hire me. just kidding. I love being outside and I love working in the yard. Some people dont, I do. If you know me, you know that I’ve worked at a chemical plant for a few years now…while it has been a good job that I’ve learned a ton from, I want to move on and do something I love to do. So, for a shameless plug, if you know of anyone that is looking for lawn care of any sort feel free to give them my contact info. I just landed two commercial jobs that I’m real excited about and have acquired several residential homes.

Megan and I went to visit her Uncle last week. He planted a church not too long ago and it was so cool getting to visit them and be able to lead worship on Sunday. They live in Ohio, and I loved it up there. Never have I been around a group of people so real. They dont put on this mask or try to be someone they are not. I dont know..it was refreshing. Maybe more on that later.

My prayer for today:
Lord make me real. I dont want to be someone I’m not. I dont want to hide behind a mask. I just want to be me.