Monday AM Thoughts

So…so sorry for the lack of blogging. Im sure you have missed me like crazy. Probably not. What a weekend, filled with a ton of different emotions and a lot of activities. Heres a recap.

-I get a call around 11:00 AM on Friday. Megan tells me our Siberian Husky got out of her collar and is no where to be found.
-I left work(we werent too busy) and went on a two hour search.
-Called Animal Control around 230, they had just picked her up.
-Friday was also my wife’s birthday. The big two-one.
-I had a surprise for Megan for her birthday. I took her to see Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood in Charlotte.
-I dont like country music, but I can stand some Keith Urban. The dude puts on a great concert.
-Had some weird car problems in Megans camry. More on this later today.
-Had a new camry the next morning. More on this later today.
-Drunk people at a country music concert are GREAT entertainment. I laughed a lot.
-Megan’s parents came in town on Saturday. Loved having them over and spending time with them.
-I’m glad they were able to spend the night and come to Crossroads on Sunday.
-I led at Crossroads. The service I thought went really well. Steve’s message was great. This series on The Holy Spirit has been so great for me in this season.
-I sold my POD XT Live yesterday. Feels good to have a little extra cash for sure.
-The guy that bought it paid me in all $5’s and $1’s. Umm…money is money I guess.
-I love my yard. And our house. I’ll try to get some pics up to show the outside. We’ve got things blooming everywhere.
-The new Starbucks brew, Pikes Place, is great.
-Im out.

Coffee Overdose

If there is such a thing…

Today started off like it does any other for me…
I made my coffee and headed off to work about 6:30ish.

About 9:00, one of the guys that we make chemicals for brought in Starbucks. How nice, right? Must be nice to buy Starbucks and write it off as company expense.

So as of right now I’ve had my coffee that I made this morning and two Iced Lattes from Starbucks.

I know.
Im Crazy.

Monday AM Thoughts

Its Monday, I’m drinking the “new brew” from Starbucks. It is delightful.

-The last two weeks at Crossroads have been great. Studying the Holy Spirit. I’m excited to get to lead @ Crossroads this week.
-I dont think my Livewires(in ear monitors) will be in by this week, which stinks. Cant wait to try them out.
-If you havent already, you need to buy Chris Brown’s new cd, Starbore. Amazing. Chris is an incredible songwriter with an amazing voice. Buy it on itunes.
-I ended up rewiring our bathroom this weekend. It was kind of fun. The attic part wasnt fun. Nice and toasty up there, full of insulation. Yea.
-Will the weather please make up its mind?
-Does the weather have a mind?
-I think this is the first time in years that I didnt care at all about the Masters. I dont know.
-I hate pollen.
-Our yard is looking crazy awesome right now. The funny thing is, its not b/c of us. Its all stuff thats been planted in the past.
-I bought a really cool firepit that was on clearance. Looking forward to having some great conversations around the fire this Spring with friends that come over.
Jake, Ryan, Casey…I’m praying for you guys, as well as Catalyst Church as a whole.

Just me and a paintbrush

Thats how I’ve been feeling recently. I’ve been doing some home projects, which require painting. Work has been slow, so I’ve been painting all day for the past two days at work. I’ve been trying to perfect my technique as if Mr. Miagi was my teacher.

All in Wrist


Anyone need anything painted?