Monday AM Thoughts

Sitting here drinking coffee from World Market. It is very, shall I say…delightful. Trying to think over my weekend. It was a busy one for sure. But a good one.

-Went to Rome, GA on Friday after work to visit Megan’s grandparents, as well as many other family members that were there.
-Played Halo 3 for the first time. Actually me, Megan’s brother, and Megan’s uncle stayed up pretty late playing.
-I actually really liked it, and like the Xbox 360.
-Got home to witness our dog Max picking up and eating one of my guitar pics. He’s “gone to the bathroom” a few times since then…I guess I’ll go look for it when I get home today. Or maybe I’ll just go get another one for $.25
-UNC is in the final four…tough matchup against Kansas though. I’m predicting a UNC vs. Memphis final.
-Played electric @ CRCC yesterday. Its a lot of fun. Tele through Fulldrive 2 through Vox AC30…nice tone.
-Probably about to get some in-ear molds made. Then thinking about going with Livewires. Its just a good investment for a musician.
-I got a kick out of a comment my friend Philip left on a blog this weekend regarding twitter. I’ll quote him..”when i see people have “twittered” it automatically makes me think of a middle school girl texting her friend to let her know what pointless activity she is doing or about to do. who cares?! don’t do it man, as your brother-in-law, i am begging you not to do it!”
-Why do people not respond to emails?
-Why am I so bad at calling people back?
-Megan and I ordered some books off of Amazon. Looking forward to seeing that box come in the mail.
-Also bought the new Starfield album. First time I bought an album using my iphone. Cool.
-Went to the gym last night. More on this later.

I need more coffee.


Sorry folks, there hasnt really been much to blog about in the past couple days. I’ve been doing some work around the house trying to tidy things up a bit, as well as enjoying some great weather. I love being outside. I’d much rather be outside accomplishing something or just for fun than sitting inside staring at my TV or Computer. But thats just me. I think I get that from my Grandfather. He and I(is that the correct way to say that?) have much in common it seems. Anyways, thats what I’ve been doing the past week or so. I’ve got a good friend coming over today to take a look at some things around the house and see what he thinks about some ideas I may have.

Oh yea, I know I shouldnt admit this…but I’m falling in love with the show Flip This House on TLC. Thats one thing I’d like to do one day is flip a house. Anyone want to get in on that with me?

We had practice last night @ Crossroads. Real excited about the set this Sunday. Should be a lot of fun. You should come hang out with us if you’re in town. Check it out.

Monday AM Thoughts

Had a great weekend, here is a recap for those who care.

-Spent all weekend, literally, planting grass seed, fertilizer, and lime in my yard. We have a decent size yard, and one that has a great layout to it. It took time.
-I like being outside.
-My allergies dont.
-I feel like crap right now.
-Last night, Thomas and I put down “wheat straw”(fancy name for hay) on my entire front yard.
-When I do something, whether it be yard work or whatever, I try to go at it all the way. If I’m going to do it, I’m gonna do it right…hopefully.
-A squirrel attempted to eat my birdseed in my birdfeeder on Saturday. That particular squirrel is no longer with us here on the earth. Target Practice.
-On a more serious note, a whole lot more serious…Elevation Church had 500 people accept Christ yesterday. That is a God thing. Amazing. I get chills just thinking about it.
CRCC was great yesterday as well. The band had a great setlist, and Steve really had a great message.
-My wife and I are looking forward to the Spring. We’ve already started making a to do list.
-Havent watched much of the NCAA’s this year yet. I dont know. Its weird how it just doesnt mean as much to me this year. Go Tar Heels though, for sure.
-Had two people at Home Depot yesterday ask me about my new tattoo. Who says tattoos cant spark conversations? I got to explain what the verse means to me and it was great.
-Excited about meeting with this guy sometime this week.
-Sold my Nintendo Wii.
-I’ve been on an Ice Cream diet. Not this week. There are two things of Breyers Ice Cream in my freezer.
-Anyone know how to lay carpet?
-I hardly spent any time on my computer this weekend, and that is a good thing. I need to be more disciplined in this area.

Church Marketing Doesn't Have to Stink

That is the title of a post from my good friend, Jay Hardwick, yesterday on his blog. Jay and his family live in the outskirts of Columbia, and experienced a tornado on Saturday that left many homes in his surrounding area damaged. He wrote a post concerning a local church that came to give out promotional material for the church’s easter program…all while bypassing the devastation that had just happened around Jay’s neighborhood. Check this post out by Jay.


As I finished up some work at home yesterday afternoon and the girls were watching their one afternoon show, there was a knock on the front door. This is unusual…normally when people come to our house, they come to the door in the carport. Clearly, this was a “first-timer.”

I opened the door and there stands a man in a suit that parked his black SUV in between our house and our neighbor’s so his friend, who was also wearing a suit, could visit them. I knew without him saying a word what he was here to do…

He tells me what church he is from, hands me a flyer inviting me to their Easter show, and then his last line sealed it…

“We’re handing out these flyers because it’s what Jesus wants us to do and we think He wants you to come to our program.”
So Jesus called you to ignore the piles of rubble that people used to call homes while you invite them to your Easter show? I’m having a hard time with that one…a really hard time with that one. Did he give the same speech at every visit? I can’t imagine that going over very well.

It would have been a thousand times better if he would have at least asked if we were okay…or at least acknowledged what happened less than 48 hours before his visit. Granted, our house is fine and we are fine…but a few houses down is a different story.

The most angering and saddening part of it all for me is that this only cements what so many think about Jesus: He only cares about heaven and hell and couldn’t care less about every day life. That perception wasn’t formed in a vacuum…it was formed out of experiences like I had yesterday.

I bet if that church sent teams of people into the hardest hit neighborhoods to help collect belongings, clear debris, cook meals, provide gift cards for groceries, and provide ears to listen and shoulders to cry on, they wouldn’t have enough seats for their Easter show. And the best part of it all…the people who were served would have already seen Jesus in action and the show would fill in the blanks.

New pics

I’ve had a lot of fun playing in Photoshop. Im not that good at it yet, but I’m trying to learn my way around. Here are a few things I’ve messed around with this weekend.

Philip, Me, Thomas at my wedding.

First flower that bloomed at our house.

I think these are flowers from our wedding. I dont know.

Flowers from when I proposed to Megan.

My reflection in window.

Megan and her friend Andie