Any ideas?

Im in the hunt for a new digital camera. Preferably one a little newer than the picture above. It doesnt have to be anything super fancy. I want the best bang for my buck. I want something that is not super expensive but will still give me a good quality photo. Help me out. Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m all ears.


Jeremiah 31:33

“This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time,” declares the LORD. “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.

Fountain Inn

Led worship last night at Fountain Inn First Baptist Church, for the students. I usually get to play at this church a couple times a month, and usually get to do some of their camps and retreats that they do. Its been great. Its cool b/c now the students seem to know me, and they know who I am, and they trust me. I just really felt like doing some older songs last night. I dont know. Maybe I’m in a rut and just kind of getting tired of playing some of the newer things. I dont know what it was really, I just felt like doing it. And to be real honest, it was a good change of pace. Its amazing what happens when you play a song that is familiar to a group. They tend to be a little freed up. The student pastor was doing a talk, and part of his talk was telling the story of Horatio Spafford, the author of the beautiful hymn It is Well. So the student pastor asked if I could do that song before and after the message. Talk about a song that seems to never get old. I really slowed it down, and the words seem to mean more everytime I sing/play that song.

Set List
Ancient of Days
Open the Eyes
It is Well


I had a great time last night. Stephen and I went to see Matchbox 20, Mutemath, and Alanis Morrisette. We stopped for dinner and had chinese food(a tribute to our good friend Kabeman606), then Starbucks. It was a great car ride, with a lot of great conversation. Some much needed hang out time. When we got into the Charlotte area, it was dark and rainy and I think we missed a turn. Which was fun for me, b/c I got to put the iphone maps app. to the test. And… didnt fail us. I entered in Cricket Arena to the search, hit find directions from current location and bam…it took us right to it. Beautiful.

Mutemath did not play that many songs, but they were great. Their sound wasnt too great, but being familiar with their songs it didnt much matter. Really a great group of musicians, with great stage presence and energy. Much, much energy. I want a Rhodes now.

Alanis Morrisette was up next. She was really good actually. When she started singing her newer songs it got kind of boring. But then she’d play one of her many hits, and the boringness went away momentarily. She started off with Uninvited. Amazing vocals on that song, it really stuck out to me.

Last up of course was Matchbox 20. They were great. I thought they were a great live band, put on a very good show. The good thing about them is they played for over 2 hours. So, even though the tickets were free…if I did pay for them, it would definitely be worth the money since they play a ton of songs. Rob Thomas is a great frontman, he definitely knows how to engage the crowd and all. Even their really old songs off the first album sounded good and were really cool to hear again.

Here are some pics I took

Concert Tonight

Tonight I’m going to see Matchbox 20, Alanis Morissette, and Mutemath in concert…in Charlotte. I’m really excited about the concert. I used to listen to Matchbox 20 and Alanis a good bit back in the day. I’ve gotten into Mutemath within the last year, and I really enjoy their music. So, the concert should be good. My good friend and college roommate Stephen invited me to go with him. It should be a fun night for sure.

Irresistable Revolution

I’ve been reading through Shane Claiborne’s book, An Irresistable Revolution. Just thought I’d post this quote as something to chew on. Its definitely an interesting book, I would recommend it.

I am going to Iraq because I believe in a God of scandalous grace. If I believed terrorists were beyond redemption, I would need to rip out half of my New Testament Scriptures, for they were written by a converted terrorist. I have pledged Allegiance to a King that loved evildoers so much He died for them [and of course the people of Iraq are no more evil or more holy than the people of the US], teaching us that there is something worth dying for but nothing worth killing for… We are all wretched, and we are all beautiful. No one is beyond redemption. May we see in the hands of the oppressors our own hands, and in the faces of the oppressed our own faces. We are made of the same dust, and we cry the same salty tears.